Truck or SUV: What’s Right For Me?

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When you need a used vehicle that prioritizes utility inSweetwater, you’re looking at either a truck or an SUV. Both vehicles offer plenty of pros and cons, whether you’re in the market for family trucks and family SUVs, or you need need something for off roading or for work, both. We’re comparing trucks vs. SUVs to help you choose.

Truck Pros and Cons

Trucks are great work vehicles. They can tow tens of thousands of pounds, from boats to trailers, and the truck bed is great for moving small equipment, outdoor items, and more. That, combined with powerful engines and tires that can drive almost any terrain, make pickups a great option for work near San Angelo. Many cabs can also be configured with extra seats and comfort and convenience amenities, so everyone can enjoy the ride in a family truck.

While trucks to have powerful engines, they don’t have the best fuel economy. They typically average between 15-20 mpg in the city and 20-25 mpg on the highway. And while it is possible to have additional seating in your truck, it can come at the expense of the size of your truck bed.

SUV Pros and Cons

SUVs are versatile vehicles. If you’re not interested in a minivan but need a larger vehicle in Stephenville, a family SUV is a great option, as you can usually fit five to seven passengers. They also often come equipped with the proper tires and performance for off-road adventures. And because they’re larger, they have a good amount of storage, especially when you fold down the back seats. SUVs can also tow, if needed. Because SUVs are typically smaller vehicles, they often have better gas mileage than trucks.

That being said, the price of an SUV might come in higher than that of a truck, and they may come with a higher insurance premium. SUVs don’t have the same max towing capacity that’ll you find in a truck.

Truck vs SUV: What will it Be?

Now that you have a better idea of what a truck vs. SUV can offer, you can explore our used truck and used SUV inventory, apply for financing online, then visit us in Abilene to take a test drive.

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